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Partner Program


Do you own a blog?
Do you have a youtube channel?
Do you have an Instagram account?
Join the Catpapa partner program now. You will get Catpap’s sponsor.

Before you become a member of our partner program, please read the policy first.

Partner Program Policies

1. Requirement

You have to own a blog with above 1000 fans. Or have at least 5000 followers with one of your other social platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok and so on.

2. Please Share Your Thoughts on Our Clothing Through Your Social Networks

We will send you some of our new arrival clothes or you can choose the items you like from our site. You should take some photos or videos and share your thoughts about our clothes. The most important step is to publish them to your blog, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, etc. Please make sure to add the link to the product page or the link to the homepage(

4. Please Send Us an Email or Instagram message once You Publish Your Photos or Videos and Comments

Note: as different countries may have different custom duty policies, we can't estimate your import duty. We will try best to arrange appropriate logistics for our bloggers to avoid the customers’ duty. Any problems with your package please let us know for the first time.

5. Catpapa May Use Your Photos in Promotional Material

We may collect photos, videos, and comments. At times, we may use the content on our Blog or Facebook Page or other social platforms. If it is available we will also link back to you to show where the image has come from. If you do not agree, please inform us in advance.

Can't wait to see you join us. Send an email to to start our fashion blogger program.